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Cutting Edge Wireless Zoning System

 Haven is the industry’s first completely wireless, app driven zoning system. It features a unique damper that generates and stores it's own energy. Saving a tremendous amount of time during installation, the energy harvesting damper communicates seamlessly with the wireless control panel and temperature sensor, eliminating the need to run wires or tubing. 

Replacing the traditional thermostat, each zone will be equipped with a controller. The temperature controller can be mounted to the wall but was designed to blend into the interior decor. It can be placed on any surface so it is visible or completely out of sight. More often than not, the user will rely on their app to control schedules and adjust temperatures.

Haven Temperature Controller
Haven Damper

Comfort Control at Your Fingertips

Haven System App

The Haven System App is used to install and configure the system. The app provides a dashboard which allows full control of the system so the contractor can monitor and/or adjust functions from a tablet. Faster damper installation, streamlined startup and wireless temperature controllers for each zone combine for the fastest installation time in history.

After installation, Haven will automatically send notifications to both the contractor and homeowner about scheduled maintenance or potential problems detected in the system. Haven’s apps also makes it easy for contractors to then schedule follow up appointments with the homeowner.

Controlling comfort has never been easier than with the Haven Comfort App. This app allows the user to adjust each zones temperature to meet the needs of each person's unique comfort level. In addition to adjusting zone temperature, the user will also be able to set up separate schedules, change hold options, and view each zone’s status at any time from anywhere in the world. 

Haven Comfort App

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